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Modern American Vintage

Pins and Needles

Scissors and Cutters


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Fashion Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter 45mm Adriatic Blue Fiskars


1/4in Vintage Trim Color Pebble


12MM Fusible Bias Tape Maker


14" zipper Atkinson Designs Assorted Colors


18mm Replacement Blade 2Pk


1inch Fusible Bias Tape Maker


2 Sided Self Healing Cutting Mat 22 x 16


28mm Quick Blade Change Rotary Cutter


28mm Rotary Blade Replacement Pack 2pcs


2pk Endurance Rotary Replacement Blade


45mm BladeSaver Thread Cutter


45mm Endurance Rotary Replacement Blade


45mm Ergonomic Rotary Cutter Magenta


45mm Fashion Stick Rotary Cutter White Sparkle


45mm Large Rotary Cutter


45mm Pinking Rotary Blade 1pc


45mm Replacement Blade 1pk


45mm Rotary Blade 2ct Titanium Coated Replacement


45mm Rotary Blade 2Pack


45MM Rotary Blade 5ct


45mm Rotary Cutter Titan Comfort


6 MM Fusible Bias Tape Maker


60mm Rotary Blade Replacement Pack 5pc


60mm Rotary Blade Titanium 2ct


60mm Rotary Blades 1pk


60mm Rotary Cutter Olfa


60mm Softgrip Rotary Cutter


60mm Stick Rotary Cutter White and Orange


7" Ziplon Zipper Assorted Colors


Add A-Quarter Ruler 6in Plus


Air Erasable Marker Thick Purple


Air Erasable Roller Ball Pen


Alphabitties Blue


Alphabitties Expansion Pack Gry


Amodex Ink & Stain Remover 1oz


Amodex Ink & Stain Remover Trial Pack


Amour Steel Crochet Hook 1.75mm


Appli-Glue 0.5oz


Applique Kit


Applique Pressing Sheet 13in x 17in Rolled


Assorted Safety Pins 75pc


Auto Lift Pro Zone Iron Pink


Autumn Enamel Happy Charm Jar Lori Holt


Bag Tag with Ball Chain - Gunmetal


Bag Tag with Ring - Gun Metal


Beach Bag


Beautiful Fabric Premium Tumbler


Bee's Knees Book Stand Blossom


Beeswax Thread Gem Pure Beeswax Thread Conditioner


Bench Pillow Form 16x38


Beverly Mccullough Sewing Canister Set


Bias Tape Maker 12mm (1/2")


Bias Tape Maker 18mm (3/4")


Bias Tape Maker 6mm (1/4")


Black & Grey Ribbon Set Kimberbell


Black 2in x 2yds Soft Waistband Elastic


Bladesaver Thread Cutter Green


Bladesaver Thread Cutter Lilac


Bling Clip and Reel Round


Blooming Bias 3/8 25yd J Peach


Bobbin Plastic Class 15


Bohin Sharps Needles Size 10


Bosal Heat Moldable Stabilizer 20in x 36in


Calico Garden Sew Simple Shapes


CFQ Ruler


Chaco Liner Pen Chalk Refill Yellow


Chaco Liner Pen Style Blue


Chaco Liner Pen Style Silver


Chaco Liner Pen Style Yellow


Chacopen Blue Water Soluble Dual Tip Pen With Eraser


Chacopen Pink Air Erasable Dual Tip Pen With Eraser


Chatsworth Braided Flying Geese Foundation Paper


Chenille Replacement Blade


Chenille-It 3/8in x 25yd Lilac


Chenille-It 3/8in x 25yd Pale Yellow


Chenille-It 3/8in x 25yd Purple


Chrome Embroidery Schmetz Needle 5 ct, Size 90/14


Chrome Jersey Needle 80/12


Chrome Microtex Needle 70/10


Chrome Microtex Needle 80/12


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